Milton Hospital’s new emergency department was facing critical clinical and administrative challenges. In looking to address issues such as escalating waits, low patient satisfaction scores and a soaring 12% elopement rate (patients leaving without being seen), Milton Hospital partnered with our Department of Emergency Medicine to manage the ED and help improve operations and quality of care.
In managing and operating the Milton ED, our first priority was to implement a staffing model that could handle the 23,000 annual visits to the ED. Drawing from our experience of seeing over 180,000 annual patient visits throughout our network, our staffing strategy quickly led to shorter wait times during peak hours at Milton. Through introduction of our patient-flow and throughput models, our goals were to increase patient satisfaction and decrease the high elopement rate.
  • In 2010, Milton Hospital was awarded the “Top Improver Award” by Press Ganey Associates (award recognizes hospitals who have shown continuous improvement in their patient, physician, or employee satisfaction scores)
  • Since 2009, increase in ER volume has resulted in a $1.1 million revenue increase
  • Dramatic decrease in ER elopements; once as high as 12%, now only 0.2% of patients on average per month leave the ER without being seen.
In the first 5 months we helped:
  • Cut the “left without being seen” rate by 50%
  • Increased patient satisfaction to the 99th percentile
  • Decreased throughput and turnaround times
  • Grew emergency patient volume by over 15%
  • Increased ED volume, leading to a $1.1 million revenue increase

(*measured by Press-Ganey)

2011 LWBS and AMA Chart: