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MorrisSwitzer ~ Environments for Health

Our Department collaborates with MorrisSwitzer~Environments for Health on emergency medicine-related hospital and healthcare systems development projects. MorrisSwitzer is an architecture firm that focuses 100% on healthcare design. They are committed to creating environments that promote and enhance the well-being of patients and families through inspired, thoughtful design. They bring an extremely high level of expertise and technological sophistication to each project, along with an extraordinary attention to detail and commitment to client needs. MorrisSwitzer has completed over 3,000 healthcare projects including academic medical centers, community hospitals, children’s hospitals, mental health facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, rehabilitation facilities, medical office buildings, skilled nursing facilities, senior living communities, and hospices.


International Emergency Department Leadership Institute

EMC-HMFP consultants regularly teach in the International Emergency Department Leadership Institute (IEDLI) annual ED leadership courses. The mission of IEDLI is to: provide leadership education for current and future healthcare leaders in emergency departments worldwide, to promote high-quality and efficient emergency care, to advance the field of emergency medicine leadership internationally, and to cultivate an international network of emergency department leaders. IEDLI’s ED leadership courses are held annually in a variety of international locations.


Forerun Inc.

For ED workflow management solutions, we have partnered with Forerun, Inc.

Forerun, Inc. is a leading innovator of medical charting software for the ED. Its flagship clinical documentation platform, FlexChart™, is distinguished from other EMR software companies because it is based on technology developed at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC).


Medicus Healthcare Solutions

Our department collaborates with Medicus on ED assessments and improvement projects. Medicus Healthcare Solutions provides hospitals, physician groups, and other healthcare organizations with resources, services, and strategies to help cover staff shortages and build and optimize service lines and departments. Clients rely on Medicus for everything from supplemental staffing to full consulting services for program launch, restructure, and optimization.



For medical reimbursement systems implementation, we have partnered with LogixHealth

LogixHealth (formerly MRSI) has over 20 years of experience providing emergency physician coding and all related billing and follow-up for both physicians and facilities. LogixHealth currently processes approximately 2,500,000 ER visits nationally.